Some people live for bargains and deals.  It doesn’t matter if it’s in the form of coupons, codes or discounts just as long as it will give them the feeling of having saved something, of having taken advantage of a sale.  It’s actually very easy to learn of sales when you go to the malls, there are signs and promotions on TV, newspapers and even on the street.  But how do you know about the special offers of car rental companies?  How can you take advantage of them?

The first source of special offers of car rental should be the branch itself.  Usually, you’ll see flyers and posters about current promotions and bargains.  But, in this day of modern technology, most car rental companies also have a web presence and it is there that you’ll get a first-hand look at their special offers of car rental. 
Most special offers of car rental companies involve savings when you rent under certain conditions.  For instance, there are special offers of car rentals if you rent from a specific location, if you rent a certain vehicle class, if you rent during a specific period, if you rent for a longer duration (long-term plans) and if you rent when you’re under 25 years old.  Sometimes, depending on the season, you may also get discounts for booking and paying for your car rental early. 

Aside from discounts and savings on your rental rates, you sometimes get free weekend days if you rent from a specific vehicle category over the weekend.  This is a popular special offer of car rentals because a lot of people take advantage of the long weekend to just get out of the city.  Getting extra free days for your rental and extending your stay makes for a great combination.

In other cases, special offers of car rental companies come from the promotions of their partner establishments like airlines and hotel organizations.  Usually, loyalty rewards programs from either organization provides you with double and even triple points or miles which you can use for other perks.  Booking at partner hotels also entitles you to discounts on car rentals if you book from their hotel.  Sometimes, even credit card companies offer additional perks when you pay through them.
The key to making the most out of these special offers of car rental companies is advanced planning.  While browsing through their websites, take note of the dates for which the special offers are valid.  If you think it’s the type of special offer that you can use, maybe you can plan your trip around it and therefore get the savings that you need.  Maybe you’re only looking for a sedan but you can see that the SUV’s have huge savings for your scheduled trip, why not take advantage of that?  You also may want to subscribe to these car rental agencies’ newsletter so that you’ll be kept updated through your email about any special promotions that they’ll be unveiling in the future. 

Need a car in North America?
New York from $-766
Houston from $-750
Sacramento from $-710
Denver from $-526
Maui from $-467
Dallas from $-435
Albuquerque from $-298
Atlanta from $-291
Lihue from $-224
Kauai from $-224
San Jose from $-212
San Francisco from $-191
Salt Lake City from $-186
Las Vegas from $-159
Indianapolis from $-131
Philadelphia from $-130
Miami from $-125
Los Angeles from $-85
San Antonio from $-40
Boston from $-10
Orlando from $-6
Chicago from $-4
Anchorage from $-3
Honolulu from $-2
Seattle from $6
San Diego from $9
Phoenix from $9
Minneapolis from $15
Need a car in Europe or Asia?
London from $-1272
Amsterdam from $-535
Dublin from $-324
Lisbon from $-186
Milan from $-103
Madrid from $-85
Tel Aviv from $-22
Barcelona from $-21
Malaga from $-9
Riga from $-4
Frankfurt from $-3
Alicante from $1
Athens from $3
Faro from $3
Munich from $4
Bergamo from $4
Pisa from $5
Edinburgh from $5
Budapest from $8
Mallorca from $8
Florence from $9
Marseille from $11
Toulouse from $14
Berlin from $14
Bordeaux from $14
Cannes from $20
Hong Kong from $48
from $