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22nd of November

2012 New Year Car Rental

It is becoming a popular tradition to be in a different country or city for the celebration of New Year.  Places with spectacular New Year celebration gatherings really catch the attention of revelers and it’s not unthinkable that flights and hotels are fully booked during that season.  Guess what else is fully booked?  Believe it or not, it’s also hard and stressful to book a 2012 New Year car rental at the last minute.  With th...

22nd of November

Christmas Car Rental 2011

You know Christmas is just around the corner when you hit the "BER" months.  Now is the perfect time to plan your Christmas holiday months in advance to avoid the Christmas rush.  It’s a common fact that people get too stressed about all the planning especially when Christmas gets closer and closer.  You also have to contend with the prices shooting up, the throngs of people at the mall and even Christmas car rentals get harder...

26th of April

Car Rental Insurance Options

One of the biggest costs when hiring a car is the extra insurance you must purchase to cover yourself in the event of an accident. Everyone wants to save money on this aspect of car rental, but there might be some attractive options out there that will actually cause you more trouble than good. First of all, you should learn about your personal automobile policy before you are going to rent a car. Find out if you are covered already an...

12th of April

Summer Car Rental is Going Fast

Many of the top tourist destinations throughout the world are reporting they will have a short supply of summer car rental this year. There are many reasons that may have contributed to this fact, but that is not what is important. The truth is that the shortage is going to happen and there is no way of stopping it. The only way you can do anything about it is by reserving summer car rental as early as possible this year. The most hect...

29th of March

Cheap Prices for Summer Car Rental Malaga

If you are planning a car rental holiday this summer to Malaga, you need to be prepared well in advance. There are a lot of people trying to book deals right now for their summer travels. The most expensive part of the peak season looks to be July. In this month the car rental prices for Malaga, Spain are getting high any place you look. If you have some flexibility, it is a good idea to take your vacation either in June or August when ...

12th of March

To Buy or not to Buy Additional Insurance

Any car rental you reserve from [GET] Rental Car will come with the basic all inclusive insurance packages that are figured into the price of the vehicle. However, upon your arrival to the pickup location, they will prompt you if you would like to purchase additional coverage. There are two sides to this story and both have compelling arguments. As is the case with many confusing situations, the answer to the question to buying more ins...

2nd of March

Easter Car Rental is Going Fast the Time to Book is Now

If you are planning on taking a car rental holiday this Easter, you must reserve your vehicle now. Similar to the summer rush, there is a high demand for car rental during Easter. This year, the celebration day is April 4th, so there is not much time left to find a rental car. Many of the most popular tourist destinations will sell out of car rental this Easter so you need to move fast if you want a car. The most popular places to book...

22nd of February

Leading Car Rental Company soon to Offer a Very Green Option

Hertz car rental company recently announced they will be offering a new fleet of electric cars by 2011. The future release of the Nissan LEAF will offer a green option for customers that are environmentally conscience. There will be a testing period before the cars are offered in worldwide destinations. For a short trial period, only a few rental locations in Europe and the United States will carry the Nissan LEAF in their fleets. It w...

22nd of January

The Importance of Booking Car Rental Early

If you have been reading any of the past articles on [GET] Rental Car, you will know there is a big sense of urgency to book a car rental well in advance for the summer months. That basically means if you need a car rental for a popular summer destination in the months of June through September, the time to book is now. The longer you wait, the less chance there will be summer car rental available. Car rental Spain This is by far the ...

12th of January

Visit a True World Capital with Car Rental Geneva

When you are deciding on the location of your next holiday, you can make the diplomatic choice and visit Geneva, Switzerland. With the help of car rental Geneva, you have the means to enjoy a city that is focusing its efforts on world peace. Check out the European United Nations Headquarters, the World Intellectual Property Organization, The Human Rights High Commissioner’s office, the World Health Organization and more. In Geneva, you ...

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