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20th of January

[GET] Rental Car Customers Are Now Sharing Trustworthy Car Rental Experiences

With the increasing amount of shared information on the internet, customer-generated reviews are part of everyday consumer life. It is now a common practice to read about a product or service that has been extensively reviewed by the trustworthy and reliable viewpoints of our fellow consumers. The car rental industry is no different, drivers are interested in what other drivers have to say. Through the process of these reviews, potentia...

18th of December

[GET] Rental Car Introduces new Reservation System

[GET] Rental Car, one of the fastest growing online car rental reservation companies, is undertaking a new approach to increase their market share of rental car bookings. Starting December 16, 2009, the website unveiled the promise of no booking fees and no cancellation charges. [GET] Rental Car is now offering its users to book a car rental without paying any money up front. In addition, there will no longer be fees for people th...

10th of December

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Car Rental Industry

A recent report published by EuroTest has shown the positives and negatives of the European car rental industry. 12 cities in 7 countries throughout Europe were chosen for the comprehensive study about the overall service that can be expected from the industry’s leading car rental suppliers as well as some smaller companies. The overall results showed that the level of consumer satisfaction is a combination of the customer service ...

Need a car in North America?
New York from $-766
Sacramento from $-710
Denver from $-526
Maui from $-467
Dallas from $-435
Atlanta from $-291
Lihue from $-224
Kauai from $-224
San Jose from $-212
San Francisco from $-191
Salt Lake City from $-186
Las Vegas from $-159
Indianapolis from $-131
Philadelphia from $-130
Miami from $-125
Los Angeles from $-85
San Antonio from $-40
Albuquerque from $-11
Boston from $-10
Orlando from $-6
Houston from $-5
Chicago from $-4
Honolulu from $-2
Seattle from $6
Anchorage from $7
San Diego from $9
Phoenix from $9
Minneapolis from $15
Need a car in Europe or Asia?
London from $-1272
Amsterdam from $-535
Dublin from $-324
Lisbon from $-186
Milan from $-103
Madrid from $-85
Tel Aviv from $-22
Barcelona from $-21
Riga from $-4
Frankfurt from $-3
Malaga from $-0
Alicante from $1
Faro from $3
Munich from $4
Bergamo from $4
Pisa from $5
Edinburgh from $5
Athens from $6
Mallorca from $8
Florence from $9
Budapest from $10
Marseille from $11
Bordeaux from $14
Toulouse from $14
Berlin from $14
Cannes from $20
Hong Kong from $48
from $