Customer Service Champions in the Rental Car Industry

28th of March

Quite a few organizations are keeping a watchful eye on the performance of rental car companies, and other service related companies. One of these organizations is J.D. Power and Associates. J.D. Powers comes up with the top performers in customer service known as the Customer Service Champions.

Customer Service Champions are the brands that are able to provide superior services in their respective industries. In order to be considered as a Customer Service Champion, the brand also needs to be able to stand-out when evaluated against other industries as well.

In today’s society, consumers have a higher sense of satisfaction. “ Gina Pingitore, Chief Research Officer at J.D. Power and Associates, said, “Consumers expectations have heightened since the onset of the recession. While value is important, consumers want more than simply the lowest price or a product that is just good enough. They expect a superior product that is delivered in a compelling presentation, through fast and easy-to-understand processes that are supported y responsive and concerned people. In addition, the price must e perceived as fair and competitive.”

ACE rent-a-car and Enterprise were the only two car rental companies who were able to make it to the top 50 in the list of Customer Service Champions. Being included in the list means that these companies have consistently been able to hire people who are able to resolve customer  issues on behalf of the company; taken into consideration the differences in customers and able to provide them with products that meet their demands; and consistently deliver their brand of customer service.

Need a car in North America?
New York from $-766
Sacramento from $-710
Denver from $-526
Maui from $-467
Dallas from $-435
Atlanta from $-291
Lihue from $-224
Kauai from $-224
San Jose from $-212
San Francisco from $-191
Salt Lake City from $-186
Las Vegas from $-159
Indianapolis from $-131
Philadelphia from $-130
Miami from $-125
Los Angeles from $-85
San Antonio from $-40
Albuquerque from $-11
Boston from $-10
Orlando from $-6
Houston from $-5
Chicago from $-4
Honolulu from $-2
Seattle from $6
Anchorage from $7
Phoenix from $9
San Diego from $9
Minneapolis from $15
Need a car in Europe or Asia?
London from $-1272
Amsterdam from $-535
Dublin from $-324
Lisbon from $-186
Milan from $-103
Madrid from $-85
Tel Aviv from $-22
Barcelona from $-21
Riga from $-4
Frankfurt from $-3
Malaga from $-0
Alicante from $1
Faro from $3
Munich from $4
Bergamo from $4
Pisa from $5
Edinburgh from $5
Athens from $6
Mallorca from $8
Florence from $9
Budapest from $10
Marseille from $11
Bordeaux from $14
Toulouse from $14
Berlin from $14
Cannes from $20
Hong Kong from $48
from $