Christmas Car Rental 2011

22nd of November

You know Christmas is just around the corner when you hit the "BER" months.  Now is the perfect time to plan your Christmas holiday months in advance to avoid the Christmas rush.  It’s a common fact that people get too stressed about all the planning especially when Christmas gets closer and closer.  You also have to contend with the prices shooting up, the throngs of people at the mall and even Christmas car rentals get harder to book. 
Here are some tips for Christmas car rental 2011:

  • Plan your trip early – If you plan on spending Christmas in another country (requiring flights) or another city (requiring hotels/accommodation) and you want to be able to book your Christmas car rental for 2011, check out travel, airline companies’, hotel and car rental agencies’ websites to keep abreast of Christmas rates and packages.  If you’re lucky, you may find all-inclusive packages that can relieve your stress levels. 
  • Book your trip early – Once you’ve found the right package, even if it’s for separate companies, don’t waste time with your booking.  Christmas slots often immediately get snapped up and if you’re bringing your whole family, you need all the slots you can get.  Plus, you can get ahead of the crowd, get choice selections on flights, rooms and cars, and even manage to get lower rates for the season.

Also, since there will be a higher demand for Christmas car rentals, the car that you want may be out of stock, especially the SUV’s and the minivans which are usually in demand for Christmas time because of the number of family members that are visiting other families for Christmas.  Even the luxury cars and sports cars get snapped up so fast because people usually save up for the season to be able to rent such fine cars as a treat for themselves or for their loved ones. 

  • Take advantage of promos and special deals – Christmas car rental 2011 is also a good time for car rental agencies to release new promos and deals because of the increase in competition for the season.  Expect to see lots of free upgrades in vehicle classes, discounts for longer rental periods, free additional drivers on certain vehicle classes, savings on rental fees for specific vehicle classes during a specific time frame and a lot more.
  • Reserve your add-ons early – In addition to your flights, rooms and Christmas car rental, you also need to reserve your add-ons early.  These add-ons are added features for your car, like the GPS/SatNav and child seats which are usually limited to a few units per branch/location.  If you don’t want your trip and your plans to be postponed or cancelled just because you missed booking these gadgets and add-ons, better put them on the checklist with your Christmas car rental 2011.

These are very simple help guides to make your Christmas holiday less stressful so you can concentrate on enjoying the season.  The important thing to remember is that you’re spending time with family and friends and things like a Christmas car rental 2011 shouldn’t be weighing heavily on your mind.

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